Thursday Review: “Disenfranchised Grief and Physician Burnout”

This November, the Thursday Reviews will be dedicated to some of the literature available on Resilience and Burnout. We’ll be examining how storytelling and narrative are essential to healthcare providers’ well-being.

Nov. 2 | Nov. 9 | Nov. 16 | Wed., Nov. 22 | Nov. 30

Grief for Patients and for Physicians

It’s easy enough to agree that grief is a part of a physician’s work. It goes without saying that a profession dealing with life and death has to come to terms with the loss of a patient. When I first picked up Dr. Deborah Lathrop’s article, I expected her discussion to revolve around how that kind of grief — the loss of a patient — can lead to physician burnout. Lathrop, however, widens the scope of the idea of grief to include not just the loss of life, but a loss of how a physician understands their role and the practice of medicine.
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