My work focuses on workshops centered on three areas:

  1. Burnout and Resiliency
  2. Medical Education, and
  3. Storytelling in Practices

Burnout and Resiliency

The act of working through stress and trauma in a narrative format is shown to improve both mental and physical health.

Telling a story about trauma reorganizes the way the mind thinks about it, and allows the teller to put it in a proper context and move past it.

I give workshops for health care providers on how to tell stories about their experiences.

Medical Education

One of the simplest parts of medicine can be the most difficult: taking technical medical information and being able to repeat it in a tangible, relatable way.

I help residents and medical students communicate complex information through a storytelling format.

Storytelling in Practices

The ability to listen to a patient’s concerns as a story helps us understand information in the way patients communicate it. The ability to tell a story can address the concerns patients have that go beyond symptoms, reveal information both health care providers need to know for treatment, and positively preempt a discussion of medication adherence.

I help health care providers understand the layers of meaning inherent in stories that patients tell. I workshop ways to listen to and tell stories that help patients heal.

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