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Healthcare is most effective when it’s human. Storytelling helps with that.

What do you mean, “Storytelling?”

There’s a growing movement to acknowledge stories and storytelling as a part of healthcare. Most of this work, though, is paraclinical. In other words, stories are told outside of a healthcare setting about what happens in healthcare.

Stories can do so much more when we understand how powerful they are around and about the clinic, but especially in the clinic.

A story is different from all other forms of communication because of its structure. The structure all stories share can be learned and can be leveraged.

Whatever we have to communicate, this structure increases the efficacy and impact of our message.

Meet the Principal

Lance Brett Hall, MPH is a long-time chronic disease patient. When he contracted a hospital-acquired infection, his father was his advocate. Lance’s Dad saved his life by transferring him to a tertiary hospital, where the antibiotic-resistant infection was diagnosed and treated. After that, Lance dedicated his communications training and career to helping build a healthcare system that doesn’t need his Dad to get good outcomes.

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