Thursday Review: “Clinical Sense”

For something a little different, this February, the Thursday Reviews will be dedicated to a few of Richard Asher’s classic articles from the late 1950s: February 1: “Why Are Medical Journals So Dull?” The Talking Sense trilogy: February 8: “Clinical Sense” February 15: “Making Sense” February 22: “Talking Sense” On February 9, 1959, Richard Asher […]

Thursday Review: “Enabling Narrative Pedagogy: Listening in Nursing Education”

Writing in the journal Humanities, Wendy Bowles addresses the question, How do nurse educators who enable Narrative Pedagogy experience Listening: knowing and connecting? This article discusses the education of nurses in light of the “Concernful Practices” framework for Narrative Pedagogy, and centers on its “Listening: knowing and connecting” element. Bowles specifically presents how “Listening as […]