Thursday Review: “Physician and Nursing Perceptions Concerning Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration”

There is no single profession which can meet all patients’ needs, Vasiliki Matziou et al. begin. The authors later explain it’s quite the opposite: when healthcare professionals collaborate, there are better health outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, and lower costs.1, 2 This much is known, but what influences how well nurses and physicians communicate? What exactly […]

Thursday Review: “Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates: Current Strategies and Future Directions”

In 2012, Burke et al. published an article describing an ideal process to transition patients from hospital care and avoid readmission. About a year later, two of the four authors of that paper, Dr. Sunil Kripalani and Dr. Eduard E. Vasilevskis, together with Dr. Cecelia N. Theobald and Beth Anctil, published a follow-up in the […]

Thursday Review: “Restoring the Patient’s Voice: The Therapeutics of Illness Narratives”

The bulk of my work is wrapped up in teaching how stories can be useful in clinical situations. I believe that stories and storytelling make life better and more meaningful. I tend, though, to downplay narrative work that can’t explicitly help doctors, nurses, and administrators serve patients more effectively. I suppose that comes from a […]