Thursday Review: “The Effect of Physician Behavior on the Collection of Data”

I love patient stories, and know how important they are to good care. The fact remains that patients are usually going to tell stories… badly. Physicians and other providers need to let them tell those ineffective stories, and be prepared for it. Dr. Howard B. Beckman and Dr. Richard M. Frankel wrote an article in […]

Thursday Review: “Soliciting the Patient’s Agenda: Have We Improved?”

What would a consultation look like if a patient were able to voice all of their concerns? Asked in a different way, how can we quantitatively demonstrate the benefits of a consultation where a patient is allowed to simply speak freely? Writing in The Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. M. Kim Marvel et […]

Thursday Review: “Patients’ unvoiced agendas in general practice consultations: qualitative study”

In the discussions about how to bring the humanities into medicine, one essential feature often gets lost. The attempts to make care more human and more humane aren’t being done for the sake of warm fuzzies. There are concrete ways medical outcomes suffer when healthcare practitioners and patients aren’t communicating well. Writing in The BMJ, […]