Thursday Review: “The Long-Term Impact Of A Comprehensive Scholarly Concentration Program In Biomedical Ethics And Medical Humanities”

The authors admit that their article is a first step, but it’s an important first step to take. Writing in BMC Medical Education, Liu and coauthors set out to determine whether biomedical ethics and medical humanities education have any lasting impact on physicians.

Thursday Review: “Patients as Story-Tellers of Healthcare Journeys”

Klay Lamprell and Jeffrey Braithwaite use one of my favorite words when talking about stories: “structure”. Writing in Medical Humanities, the authors discuss two complimentary ways to help patients express their own story. The first is a structural approach, and the second is more character-driven. The purpose of the article is to bring these techniques […]

Thursday Review: “Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates: Current Strategies and Future Directions”

In 2012, Burke et al. published an article describing an ideal process to transition patients from hospital care and avoid readmission. About a year later, two of the four authors of that paper, Dr. Sunil Kripalani and Dr. Eduard E. Vasilevskis, together with Dr. Cecelia N. Theobald and Beth Anctil, published a follow-up in the […]