Thursday Review: “Patients’ unvoiced agendas in general practice consultations: qualitative study”

In the discussions about how to bring the humanities into medicine, one essential feature often gets lost. The attempts to make care more human and more humane aren’t being done for the sake of warm fuzzies. There are concrete ways medical outcomes suffer when healthcare practitioners and patients aren’t communicating well. Writing in The BMJ, […]

Thursday Review: “Clinical Sense”

For something a little different, this February, the Thursday Reviews will be dedicated to a few of Richard Asher’s classic articles from the late 1950s: February 1: “Why Are Medical Journals So Dull?” The Talking Sense trilogy: February 8: “Clinical Sense” February 15: “Making Sense” February 22: “Talking Sense” On February 9, 1959, Richard Asher […]